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Analytics for Tech Department

Analytics for tech department

CS BI for Tech system main benefits:

  • Associate between actual network performance and churn rate
  • Predict potential churn risk probabilities due to technical issues per subscriber
  • Enable up-sale with technical satisfaction
  • Truck Roll and CPE savings
  • Predict and identify network/STB technical faults before occurring

Most of management systems would indicate Alarms/Events with Red, Amber, Green colors. Mostly there are significant amount Alarms/Events open in an operational network. In many cases resources in the tech department are precious and limited. How should the technical department director optimize the available resources? How is it possible to define the real events severity? What should the engineers do first?

NMS is an important tool for the technology department but in many cases is too limited. The integration technical faults and monitoring data from the NMS with customers’ behavioral data in CS BI for Tech system has real capability to identify trends, causality, impact and set the actual needed Priority to each event.