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Return Path Data (RPD) Collection

RPD collection architecture

One of the most valuable and significant question in a TV platform is ‘what are the services my customers actually view?’

Some TV platforms have no possibility to send back the remote control data back to the operation center for deep analyses. CS offers a service for Return Path Data collection and filtering. The service collects the user activities via the remote control and sends it to CS server for data cleansing, classification and collection. The RPD service can support big panel (>5,000 Households) using low cost meter with no track roll to the customer premises. The CS RPD meter is sent via postal service to the households. Additionally, the CS RPD meter is a passive meter – No need for usage encouragement.

The service includes extensive management with the main following functionalities:

  • CS RPD meters management
  • Alarm management, Active alarms
  • Box Management
  • Inventory management
  • CS RPD panel data management
  • Channel lineup
  • Deployment Management
  • CS RPD meters deployment track: Delivery, Installation, Operation
  • Trouble shooting
  • Management Reports
  • Events Log
  • Etc.