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Transport Technology

This proven, OTT Video Transport solution, is based on trasmitting an MPEG-2 Transport Stream frame, over IP, with a variable elastic buffer size on the receiving side.  We use technologies from various vendors in order to:

  • emulate a “leased line” environment over the open internet,
  • virtualize services at the edge of the network, based on standard IT appliances (PC, Server).

This solution is working for single programs (SPTS over IP) as well as for MPTS streams, over the last mile and between continents.

Based on the various use cases, we use the optimal solution to build the appropriate topology needed and to optimze the OPEX / CAPEX relation per contract.

Our long year experience in international networks enables us to build a solution that bring it to the level of a transport service that can enhance existing Telecom services and use the same terminology of:

  • availability of a link,
  • MTBF and
  • MTTR.

In complex cases, where the signal passes through multiple ISP gateways, we optimize also the path through the internet and use a HITS concept in our hosting centre in Germany.

Below please find an example of one of the technology providers of how the technology contributes to the emulation of “leased line”:

image 2