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Audience Measurement


The TV industry is seeking efficient and accurate tools for metrics (measurements) that can provide information about the long tail (hundreds of channels) of television viewing in order to quantifying the value of content and advertisements.

The first step is to collect Set Top Box (STB) click data, but it is not sufficient.

The solution is to analyze raw STB data clicks with additional data sources and supplies detailed TV rating reports identifying viewer for all channels:

  • Demographic profiles
    • Such as: Age, Gender, Income, Geographic area, etc.
  • Behavioral profiles: attributes relating to personality, values, attitudes, interests, or lifestyles
    • Examples from Simmons Psychographic Profiles: Sports Enthusiasts,  Kid Focused, Work Hard – Play Hard, etc.

During the night, the Middleware would collect the STB click data and feed AdsVantage system.

Decision makers have AdsVantage reports first thing in the morning and make accurate decisions concerning monetizing content offerings and increase advertising revenues

The reports provide the following value:

  • Reduce costs for content by accurately pricing niche channels and content according to viewership.
  • Facilitate up-selling of content packages based on information about viewer habits.
  • Track trial and adoption of new programs and services.
  • Increase revenue by providing ratings on advertising inventory for unrated channels.
  • Advertisements accountability: enable add new advertisers
  • Enhance the user experience. Operators now can really know users’ content preferences.